How To Make First 100 Sales On Your Ecommerce Website?

How To Make First 100 Sales On Your Ecommerce Website?

Create a Pre-Launch Email & Shoot them

Generate buzz about your "soon-to-be-launched" online store by designing an awesome email. Share this email to bundle of list and include coupon or deal. This might become the easiest potential leads after your online store has been launched.

Sell On Social Channels

Let your social networking channels become the social selling channels. Most likely all your friends and family are on social media so share your product with them. Dip your toes into the world of social media where you can choose from multiple platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to generate leads. 

Sell on Marketplaces

Use the power of well-established marketplaces to generate sales for you. Along with selling on your online store, list your best products on marketplaces so that you can sell more without any marketing efforts.

Surely, the initial sales are the most important one as it will help in gaining a sustainable momentum for the business. Also, Do not be hesitant in spending some money like in giving out discounts or offers initially, if it is fetching you well and more in the future. When your business is fine tuned to your desire, it will automatically reach its break even very soon.



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